Social Media is Exploding!!

There are 1.2 billion social network users worldwide. 82% of the world’s Internet population over the age of 15 now log on to social networks.

Facebook is the King of all social networks, with 75% of all social media time spent here. 65% of all Smartphone users visited a social network from their phone within the last 24 hours, and two in five connect to it every day.

Have you built your “fan page” on Facebook yet? As your Facebook evolves, a knowledgeable level of expertise is needed. Our Social Media plans are tailored to your specific brand and marketing message. Relax in the comfort of knowing you’re in good hands with Cactus Sky.

Once your social media plan is established, we use strategic mechanisms to increase your fan base. For example, we worked our magic on a Sarasota restaurant (name withheld) by growing their fan base from under 100 to over 1200 in just 30 days. See what we can do for you in our Social Media mock-ups; where we outline a plan just for you and your company.

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