DealerPRO Training and The Kintz Group Partner With Dealer Influence

Columbus, OH — DealerPRO Training, nationally recognized as the #1 performance-based, Fixed Operations training company, and The Kintz Group, recently announced their partnership with Dealer Influence, the auto industry’s leader in online reputation management.

“Our dealers have asked for our help in improving their online reputation and Dealer Influence now gives them another tool to significantly impact their CSI numbers,” said Don Reed, CEO of DealerPRO Training. “Dealers who have worked with DealerPRO Training and The Kintz Group know we are process-driven and customer-focused. By partnering with Dealer Influence, our dealers now have a process available for managing their online reputation, reaching beyond the sales department and service drive in “putting the customer FIRST!” A dealer’s online reputation is a critical business driver for their dealership and Dealer Influence provides a fully automated process that prevents negative customer reviews and generates more positive reviews.

DealerPRO Training has worked with more than 1,000 dealerships across North America, Canada and the UK, providing training solutions that achieve gross profits and CSI numbers many dealerships have never seen before. DealerPRO dealers, on average, see an increase in gross profits of 40% or more and CSI numbers that exceed industry benchmarks. Tim Kintz is President of the Kintz Group and has been a top trainer in the auto industry for the last 15 years. The Kintz Group provides customized, real-world sales training that addresses a dealer’s challenges, while ensuring they achieve their sales goals.

Dealer Influence helps dealers improve their online reputation by preventing negative reviews from being published on the major review sites. Instead, unsatisfied customers share their experience offline, giving the dealer the opportunity to address the issue and satisfy the customer BEFORE anything is posted online. Dealer Influence also allows dealers to synchronize their listings and update any incorrect information across all of the major search engines. “You can’t take negative reviews down but you can prevent most of them from being posted online and allow a private forum for the dealer to address the issue,” said Dealer Influence Founder Peter Martin.

DealerPRO and The Kintz Group provide the training and tools to build a solid Service and Sales reputation and Dealer Influence provides the tools to maintain that reputation–a great one-two punch for any dealership!


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