Who is Chris Collins?

Chris Collins is one of the leading Automotive Service Manager & Service Advisor Consultants in the world. With an impeccable track record, independent car dealerships are constantly turning to him as an advisor and coach to bring them success. With more than eighteen years in the automotive industry, experience is behind each service offered by this highly sought after auto service advisor and service manager coach.

Chris Collins products and services include highly sought-after books The Irreplaceable Service Manager and The Millionare Service Advisor, Group Coaching, Complete “Done For You” in-house program, etc etc

What we do

We reach Chris’s prospects each month with both a targeted Sales Email Campaign and the value-packed Tip of the Month, tracking who is engaged and migrating their information to a unique list. We follow up his “hand raisers” (people who show interest) with our targeted Drill Down Email Campaign, a custom campaign that comes “From the Desk of” Chris with more personal, one-on-one focused messaging. We also write and deploy Press Releases highlighting Chris’s successes, new products and announcements to our specialized Press Database as needed and send regular drip campaigns to boost book sales. (part of our Premier Marketing Package)

The Results

Chris’s Tip of the Month receives outstanding open rates and engagement and his book sales have continued to soar, requiring multiple re-publishes!

Over the years we have tried a number of different avenues to reach the auto industry and the team at Cactus Sky has produced the best results across the board. Their prospect email database is awesome and because they understand the audience I need to reach, they generate results.
They helped launch both of my books and with my last one the response was so strong that we sold out our initial printing! They also helped me develop and launch my Tip of the Month which has not only been getting great open rates but has been invaluable in building my brand, name recognition and engagement.
2013 was a record year and 2014 is going to be even bigger. We couldn’t have done it without Cactus Sky.

Chris Collins

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