Your next sale is sitting in your CRM. You already own the data on thousands of local prospects and through data mining you will increase sales and feed your BDC with targeted prospects.

41% of leads purchased their vehicles from your competition.

33% of leads buy after three months.

Effective follow-up converts these leads from prospects to your best customers. The Pot of Gold is your golden ticket to reengaging old prospects with personalized content delivered on a custom monthly schedule. Generate new business with online coupons and special offers available only to your internet family.

Even if a customer has never purchased a vehicle from your dealership in the past, satisfied customers eventually buy cars. Convert finance turn downs into service customers. Convert service customers into new car buyers. Keep the local prospects engaged with your dealership.

Cactus Sky’s Pot of Gold does email marketing the right way. CRMs are not designed for mass email marketing, emails in the database can be up to 5 years old, many are inactive – or worse – spam traps. We clean your list to avoid the risk of getting blacklisted.

With Pot of Gold you get:

  • 2 Emails Per Month
  • Service Email at the beginning of the month
  • Sales Email in the middle of the month

Turn your CRM into an ATM. Gather the business intelligence you need to find hot leads. By effectively data mining existing prospects we get emails past the spam filters and to your customers. Sign up today.

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