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You're already using a DMS and CRM at your dealership, but what about HRIS? Why aren't you using HR automation software? How are you managing your employees? Say hello to KPA Human Resource Management.
KPA's expertise, experience and dedication is unmatched in the HR automation industry. HR encompasses many things but emphasizes two major goals... Learn More
What you don't know can hurt you. Stay informed. Using KPA's HR Management software, you can ensure your dealership's compliance from hiring to termination and everything in between... Learn More
KPA's HR expertise, experience and dedication are unmatched in the automotive industry. KPA's HR Management solution gives you the tools you need to automate all essential processes, improve efficiency with easy-to-use software, and access expert advice on demand.... Learn More
KPA's HR management solution offers the automation, efficiency and proficiency your dealership needs to operate smoothly. To schedule a demo, contact us. Schedule a Demo

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